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Standards and Assessment Info for Parents

about 1 year ago

By Jennifer Madden

Family-Friendly Standards updated for 2016-17 school year

The Family-Friendly Guides to the SC Academic Standards are updated and ready for teachers and parents! The website provides information for parents and families about what their children should be learning in school based on the standards. These resources are excellent for families to use during the summer months as well as during back-to-school events and parent-teacher conferences. The family-friendly guides, which are a collaboration between the EOC and the SC Department of Education (SCDE), are available for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The guides are also available in Spanish

Understanding student assessments

Are you looking for a document to break down the purposes of assessments and help audiences understand the different types of assessment? The EOC has developed the 2016-17 Family Guide to Assessments: Student Success Toolsto assist districts and schools in communicating this information to families.

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