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Parent Portal Please contact your school if you have issues related to parent portal.
Greenwood School District 52 is committed to providing parents with as much information as possible on our students. We are proud to announce the opening of the PowerSchool Parent Portal. This web portal will enable parents to access grades, attendance, teacher comments, and teacher e-mail addresses in real time through the Internet via a secure, district-hosted website. In order to gain access, a parent or legal guardian of each student will be required to come to the school(s) with a driver’s license or other state approved picture ID card to pick up their user name and password credentials which will enable them to access their child’s information through the portal.

As mentioned above, please bring your driver’s license or other identification card with you. If you have children in multiple schools, you will need to visit each school to obtain login information. Once you receive your login information for each child, you will be able to “link” each child to your account, thus eliminating the need for multiple logins.