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Referendum 2023

Ninety Six voters will consider a ballot question on May 9th regarding the renovation of the old Ninety Six High School following unanimous School Board approval of a resolution at their February 14th meeting.


The resolution was presented after the Board and district leadership engaged in discussions and planning over the past year to renovate facilities at the old high school. 


“After several months of discussions and planning, we are recommending renovating the old high school into a facility that can be utilized by our athletics, teachers, and district staff," said Superintendent Beth L. Taylor. "This Spring the community will have an opportunity to answer a question on the May 9th ballot and help us decide the future of this project."

The $15 million dollar renovation project will include (listed in order of project setup)

  1. Upgrades to both gymnasiums and locker rooms
  2. Expanded and upgraded space for the band program
  3. Upgraded maintenance shop
  4. Additional office spaces and a professional development room for district/staff trainings
  5. New practice field and parking lot

I know "referendum" can have a bad connotation to it since it typically means taxes will be raised,” Director of Finance Andrew Macke stated. “However, the key factor for our referendum is that taxes should not increase. The debt should be paid off without having to raise the millage and increase taxes throughout the life of the bond.”

For more information, visit greenwood52.org/vote2023/. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this upcoming referendum, please contact us at (864) 543-3100 or [email protected].
Phone: 864-543-3100
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MAY 9, 2023




Shall the Board of Trustees of Greenwood County School District No. 52, South Carolina be authorized to issue and sell, either as a single issue or as several issues, general obligation bonds of Greenwood County School District No. 52 in the aggregate principal amount of not exceeding $15,000,000, the proceeds of which shall be used to defray the costs of the following:


  1. Demolition of portions of the former Ninety Six High School on Johnston Road;


  1. Renovating and/or constructing, equipping and furnishing remaining portions of Ninety Six High School for use as two gymnasiums, a band room, locker rooms, a maintenance shop, office space, a conference room, additional parking facilities and an athletic practice field; and


  1. Costs related to the foregoing, including architectural and engineering fees and costs of issuance of the bonds?


□             In favor of the issue

□             Opposed to the issue



If you wish to vote in favor of the issue, mark the box next to “In favor of the issue.”

If you wish to vote against the issue, mark the box next to “Opposed to the issue.”