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Current Employment Opportunities

13 days ago

 Please use this link to apply for current employment opportunities:

Certified Positions:
Ninety Six Primary School: Early Childhood Teacher 
Edgewood Middle School: Math Teacher
Ninety Six High School :  English Teacher, Math Teacher and Social Studies Teacher
Assistant Principal ( Primary/Elementary)

Classified Positions:

Make up days!
January 2, 2019. is our next make up day and will be used to make up October 11, 2018. It will be the first day of the second semester.

February 15, 2019. will now become the 3rd trade day for the employees that accumulated comp time over the summer.
Current Employment Opportunities
Primary Principal (Closes Feb 1)

Ninety Six Primary
Early Childhood Teacher

Edgewood Middle School
Math Teacher

Ninety Six High School
English Teacher - Math Teacher - Social Studies Teacher