Free Meals

USDA Extends Free Meals throughout the entire 2021-2022 school year. Parents and Students are encouraged to sign up for meals when they are not in school. This is for ages 0-18. Please contact the School Nutrition Department to sign up.

Student who bring a lunch box are also encouraged to make choices from the lunch menu- 3 items that do not have to be the main entree. This could be a milk, fruit and fries or another side item.

Nutrition Department

Amy Stabler, Director of Child Nutrition

864- 941-3471
Kim Boyd Manage Ninety Six Primar 864-970-7603

Jan Clamp, Manager Ninety Six Elementary 864-970-7407

Deitra White, Manager Ninety Six High School Edgewood Middle School 864-970-7604

Meal Prices

Adult Prices

Adult breakfast- $2.25 Adult lunch - $4.00

Student prices:

Reduced breakfast- $0.30 Paid breakfast - $1.80**

Reduced lunch - $0.40 Paid lunch -$2.60