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This department entails working with facilities, fiscal services/operations, child nutrition, transportation, information technology infrastructure, and maintenance, and other concerns that may fall under facilities and operations for the district and the schools.

Operations Projects

about 1 year ago

By Wally Hall

Solicitation for Bids (GCSD52 S # 18-001)

Purchase & Removal of Pine Trees

Greenwood County School District 52 [Ninety Six School District] is interested in receiving offers (bids) to purchase and remove pine trees from the surrounding property adjacent to the Edgewood Middle & Ninety Six High schools located at 640 & 644 South Cambridge Street, Ninety Six, South Carolina 29666 off Highway 246. (See attachments)

Link for GCSD52 S # 18-001 and Photos

The bids (offers) will be submitted as sealed bids. A public opening will be held with a date and time no earlier than 15 days after advertising the solicitation for bid.

Public Opening


S # 18-001

Purchase & Removal of Pine Trees

Thursday. May 3, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Location: District Office, 605 Johnston Road, Ninety Six, SC 29666

Bid minimum requirements:

1.    Identify the number of trees to be purchased/removed (minimum number 20)

2.    Provide specific pricing (rate per tree)

3.    Provide details on how the process will work, i.e. removing the trees, backfilling holes, debris removal, etc.

4.    Provide an estimate of project duration (start to finish)

5.    Provide proof of liability insurance and W9 if awarded. (copies may be provided with bid submission)

6.    Provide details of support or expectations from the School District

The award shall be made to the highest responsive and responsible bidder, provided the price offered by such bidder is acceptable to the school district. Where such price is not acceptable, the school district may reject the bids in whole or in part and negotiate the sale provided the negotiated sale price is higher than the highest responsive and responsible bidder. Policy DJ-R (1)

Bids (Offers) may be emailed or mailed via USPS, or other services. Emailed bids will be filed and presented at the public opening.

Address: Attn: Dr. Wally Hall, Greenwood County School District 52, 606 Johnston Road, Ninety Six, South Carolina 29666

Point of Contact: Dr. Wally Hall, Assistant Superintendent for Operations & Personnel


Telephone: [Direct] 864-970-7516

Fax: 864-543-3407