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Google Info for Staff

Greenwood County School District 52

Greenwood School District 52 has migrated staff email accounts to Gmail.  Along with Gmail, staff members will have access to the Google Apps for Education suite.
What does Google Apps include?



Gmail Google Calendar
Google Talk 
Google Docs 
 What are the key benefits?
  • Lots of storage — You get a full 30 GB of online storage for your email, photos, and documents, so you can archive all of your documents and emails online. You'll no longer need to worry about deleting messages or saving them in offline folders. 
  • Enhanced message organization and retrieval — With Gmail, you'll spend less time managing folders and searching for messages. For example, you can add one or more tags, or "labels," to your messages to organize and store them more efficiently. And with the Google-powered search feature, you can find any message quickly and easily, whether it's in your Inbox or stored in your message archive.
  • Easier calendar sharing — Google Calendar lets you and your colleagues quickly and easily share your calendars with each other and specify the details you want to show. Calendar sharing is a great way to keep each other informed about your schedules.
  • Integrated chat — With the Google Talk instant messaging application, you can communicate instantly with others right from the Gmail interface. In addition, all your chats are automatically saved, so you can always retrieve important information later.
  • Real-time collaboration — Using Google Drive and Docs, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more, that you and your team can view and edit at the same time. You can still use your Microsoft Office products as needed, but now you'll have more options for storing and collaborating on your documents.



You do not have to click through the district website in order to retrieve your email.  Our email accounts are managed through Google servers.  You can retrieve your email by using Chrome ( mail link), or by selecting the Gmail shortcut from  You just need your email address and your password.  If you have questions contact: Jennifer Madden @

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